David on Demand

Client: Leo Burnett
Associate Creative Directors: Ryan Wagman, Nuno Ferreira
Art Directors: Sungkwon Ha, Morten Halvorsen, Pablo Jimenez
Copy Writer: Hallvard Fjeldbraaten


Leo Burnett hosts a seminar called “Wildfire” at Cannes every year. In 2010, the theme was ‘spontaneity’ in the advertising industry.


Social media channels had a huge role in delivering news from Cannes in every second. Instead of talking about the ‘spontaneity’ at our seminar, we have created a stunt that demonstrates it.


We sent our recruiter David to Cannes with a live-stream camera and a twitter feed attached. And we let the internet control him with their tweets giving people an opportunity to explore the Cannes festival inside out through a live stream.